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20 April 2008

Useful Info from the British Embassy

One of the roles of the British Embassy in Poland is to help British people travelling or living in Poland. Most people know that they will help you if you lose your passport or give advice if you manage to get yourself arrested, but they can also provide business advice and give guidance on things such as transferring large sums of money (for example if you are buying a house here).

A few months ago I was browsing their website and was a little bit miffed to see the front page was plastered with "Living and Working in the UK" featuring lots of help for Polish people going to the UK. I don't have any problem with that - but should there not be at least SOMETHING on their website giving advice for Brits "Living and Working in Poland"?

So back in October 2007 I sent the following email to them:


I was looking at the website of the British embassy in Poland. There is
a lot of information for Poles going to the UK, but not so much help for
Brits in Poland.

For example, can you point me towards any resources that explain about
things such as:
* temporary and permanent registration in Poland
* how I can go about getting a mobile phone contract
* registering a car
* opening a bank account
* polish language lessons

It would be nice to know what the official procedures are as I am often
giving conflicting information when I ask in Polish offices.



After not hearing back from them I then forgot all about it. Then last week something bizarre happened. After a delay of only 6 months I got a reply. Someone might find something useful in it so I shall quote it in its entire glory:

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your email.

The British Embassy may signpost you towards organisations who may offer you professional help.

Here are some useful contacts with reference to your enquiry:


Poland is now a full member of European Union and you have the right to live here without visas and permits. However, after an initial stay of 3 months in Poland, you should contact

DEPARTMENT FOR FOREIGNERS at the relevant Voivod Office to apply for registration of your stay in Poland.

This office should also provide you with information about permanent residency in Poland.

For more information referring to different issues for British residents abroad please enter:

You may also find useful the following webpages : ( Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, information available in English)

(Travel Advice prepared by FCO)

and the British Embassy in Warsaw website:

You may also find useful the assistance of a professional agency (relocation agencies) that assists foreigners in many issues like: Settling-in Services; Home Finding Programme; Medical; Taxes etc.This is : POLAID, contact MR Olgierd Chrobak, 00-082 Warszawa, tel: 0048 600431204 email: , PRO Relocation, ul. Kaniowska 41, 01-529 Warsaw, tel. +48 22 869 04 40,,, Pryma Agency, .

Right hand cars cannot be registered in Poland. You may consider contacting the relevant department of the Ministry of Transport and Construction at the following address for clarification of this issue:

Ministerstwo Transportu i Budownictwa
Departament Dróg i Transportu Drogowego
Ul. Chalubinskiego 4/6
00-928 Warsaw
tel. 022 630 12 40

I hope you find this information helpful.


Consular Section

Well I am impressed that if you do email them then they eventually will reply. Whether it's worth them bothering to reply after 6 months is another question...

I just hope that if ever I should have the misfortune to get arrested in Poland then their consular assistance people are are little quicker than the rest of the departement....


Shaunj said...

Hey Ben. I was wondering where you had got to. :) Well it still beats my Irish embassy experience. They still haven't responded to my email - that was nearly two years ago.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you know that English people are generally relaxed and chilled out, they don't rush, everything has its own time to be done, which is totally understandable. Calm down then and take a note of another example of "English phlegm" :)

Flowers said...

that is a hefty delay!

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