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13 May 2008

Customer Service - Polish style

Last night I called our local restaurant to get a pizza delivered. Their menu says "free delivery" on it and we only live about 500 metres away. Of course I could have gone and collected it, but I was feeling lazy. Plus what's the point if they offer free delivery?

The following short conversation impressed me so much I thought it worthy of a blog post:

Me - hello can you deliver a pizza to me?
Her - no, there's no driver
Me - OK, but this is the 11th time we've ordered from you, and only once have you been able to actually deliver. Either you say there' s no driver or there's no car. What's the point in putting "free delivery" on your menus if you can't offer delivery?
Her - to be honest I don't care. Complain to the boss. If you want your pizza come and collect it

Although shocked at what she said, afterwards I thought it was brilliant. There's no American-style customer service here, no false smiles and pretending to care. At the end of the day she doesn't give a toss and said so which I think is fair enough.

In a funny way that's one of the things I like about Poland...


Shaunj said...

Give me a choice between fake american smarm and disgruntled employees being brutally honest about how little they care, I know which one I'd take. Do you? :)

Anonymous said...

Should have been here 18 years ago when I first arrived to start a business - the fact that they even answer the phone is a giant leap!

Anonymous said...

I've been here a year now and, really, one of the few things I really like from the US is customer service, ...servicegrump is just another retrogressive stress.

Re the bank - why not try Millenium..they're fun. I recently withdrew the 1000zl for 3 days (to avoid going in the bank!), then, checking my printout, saw 2000zl drawn on the same day. Panic -had to go in dreaded turns out that the ATM doesnt 'work' on Sundays so had accounted Sundays money the next day! Stupid or what!

michael farris said...

Now this is the kind of thing I hardly notice anymore.

I do remember going to a cukiernia about 10 years ago with a Polish friend and the lady behind the counter was almost American in manner. Big smiles, couldn't do enough for us.

It only made my Polish friend suspicious.

Yennefer said...

me again. The first thing I noticed when I came to Ireland was their fake customer care (as in fact they do not care) but I grew to like it and to be honest it's nice to see a smiley face at the shop. But still, we Polish have to learn a lot. Every time I go to Poland I am surprised that all those pizza places, shops, post offices and so on actually DO HAVE customers. I guess that's one of the things we have left after communism.

Pawel said...

eheheh this is funny :)

island1 said...

I have no truck with this no service/fake American service debate. It's not the point. Service doesn't come into it, when one human being faces another human being both of them should act as if they were, well, human beings. The Polish problem is that employees believe they are in charge of the situation. The American problem is that employees believe (read: have been drilled) that the customer is in charge of the situation. Neither is the case.

Anonymous said...

People keeps saying, that because Polish identify more with their family than with their job, they are friendlier at work. Except of supermarkets I feel treated very impolitely at service counters.

Anonymous said...

Bwahaha... so true. Although the salesman at my favorite kiosk is very nice, but that's only because he's shitfaced-drunk most of the day.

The upside is, you get to be rude back without them freaking out like they do in the US.

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