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28 February 2008

Getting Internet in Poland

It was essential for me to get a reliable Internet connection set up in Poland. I rely on the Internet to run my little business. I like to use email and skype to keep in contact with friends and family and I like to read news sites such as BBC news to keep up to date with what's happening back in the UK. Not to mention the handful of websites I run (and this blog too!).

In the UK there is a plethora of Internet Service Providers to choose from. In Poland where things aren't yet so commercialised/privatised there are currently 3. The Polish equivalent of BT is called TP (Telekomunikacja Polska) and still has the monopoly on phone and internet. The new kids on the block are two fast-growing competitors - and

The website is only in Polish but shows prices from all 3 and has the links to their offers.


mochafuled said...

Brian took a quick read... I am considering moving to Poland in the fall after spending a year in the middle east... having visited a couple of times and even had a beer with Jamie/Island one last Oct. As I look for work ideas like ESL teaching can you tell me a little about ecommerce that you do and does it the bills?

BritInPoland said...


Drop me an email (ben @ white landcomputing. com) [no spaces, all one word] and I'll tell you a bit more about what stuff I do online.


Ben (who's Brian?)!

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