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28 February 2008

Polish people

One of my first observations since arriving in Poland was of course the people and how they differ to Brits.

I must say that I like Polish people (which is a good thing given that I now live here) but they differ from Brits in a number of ways:

  • They will insistently wait for a green man before crossing the road. What is that about? Maybe I lived in London for too long....
  • They don't have much of a sense of queuing (although that probably applies to most Europeans and not just Poles).
  • 99.9% of them are classic white-skinned typical Poles. I notice this more when I go back to the UK and see how many different ethnic minorities we have in the UK.
  • They don't hold doors open for each other (or thank you if you do for them)
  • They like drinking vodka from shot glasses, where as Brits generally mix vodka with juice or lemonade etc..
  • They are polite in other ways such as giving up seats on public transport for elderly or pregnant woman. Something which I think has died out in London.
If you can think of anymore (or as I do too) drop a comment and I will update this list....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i am american and i lived in poland in the early 90's.

i have to say- it made me smile to read that lines are still not being formed to american and british standards. i'm glad that things haven't changed too much :)

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