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03 March 2008

Pudzianowski dancing

I had to blog about this. For those of you who don't know who Mariusz Pudzianowski, he's a world famous body-builder. One of only 3 men to have won the world strong man competition 4 times.

Before I had heard of other famous Poles such as Lech Wałesa or who the Kaczyński twins were I knew who Mariusz was - guys in the gym I trained in in London would talk about him and I'd seen him on TV in the strongman competitions.

So as the first Pole I had heard of and as a weight-trainer myself I have always admired Pudzianowski.

But then he went and did this:

Why oh why Mariusz? Please stick to lifting heavy things and not poncing around on the dancefloor with C-list celebraties, actors nobody has heard of and wanna-make-a-comeback singers!

I am worried the kids in my new local gym will take your pictures down otherwise...


Anonymous said...


i'm surprised to hear pudzian is known abroad...

there are posters of him in my gym, but i think people rather don't take him seriously:)

did you manage to find a proper gym in your mountain village?


BritInPoland said...

actually I have lived in 3 different places in Poland so far, and have noticed that the ability to find gym equipment does not correlate to the size of the town whatsoever.

The first place I lived in was a very small town with no proper gym, but the local school had its own gym open from 1500 - 1700 where they had some old stuff plus pupils had made stuff by welding things together - they had done a good job too. Everything was there that you would want (obviously no aerobic stuff or fancy machines) and it was only 35zł per month.

Now I am in between 2 towns. The first is 4km away and has a well equipped but very small gym but it only opens at 1500 and there's nowhere to park. Plus they want over 110zł per month.

The second is 18km away but has a large reasonably equipped gym for only 50zł per month.

The only other gym is at the shiny new local police station. Previously they would let people they knew in, but now you have to be signed in and out of the building so unfortunately I can't just go there...

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