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02 March 2008

Why do you keep asking me about my mother?

I don't understand it. How comes when I fill out a form they ask such odd questions:
  • What level of education do I have? This is wierd - what on earth has this got to do with me registering a car? In fact they ask this one everywhere - try opening a bank account or registering the birth of your child. I can only presume it's related to the Polish obession with education.
  • What is my Mother's first name? Usually followed by what is my Father's first name? Why? Are you going to send them a note if I am naughty?
  • What is my Mother's maiden name? Why? Are you going to try and hack into my HSBC account now that you have all of my other personal details?
I wonder what they do with all this information. Probably nothing. Answers on a postcard please...

1 comment:

W-wa Jeziorki said...

Lie to them. Every time the police ask me I give my parents another set of first names. They're not in my British passport, or indeed any other bits of official paper I've brought over with me from the Miserable Grey Little Island. Let the authorities prove things otherwise!

And where am I zameldowany in the UK? BLOODY NOWHERE YOU NOSEY GITS!!

I am not a number, I am FREE MAN!

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